The interactiveness you provide for the students kept them engaged. They felt like they were part of the play.

Rebecca S. Second Grade, Cherry Creek Schools

I loved the way you used the music with the storytelling and students interaction - puppet parts were great visuals.

Karin A. First Grade, Cherry Creek Schools

The music is instantly memorable and the lyrics are clever and witty.

Karen T. Child and Family Psychologist

The music was soft & soothing that really added to the overall success. Sir Gary, your voice is super! I loved the duchess of Bebe’s costume as well as the message/moral of the 3 fables we heard. Kindness, being brave, staying on task, never giving up and using perseverance, all age appropriate and they loved using the puppets.

Marjorie L. First Grade, Cherry Creek Schools

I like the students participation and the music was relaxing.

Theresa P. Early Childhood Education, Cherry Creek Schools

My grandchildren love this CD. As well as the kids in my 16 ECE programs.

Ruth T. Pre-School Principal, Pierce County Schools

The best thing ever. I like to listen to it all the time.

Everest P. translated by his father.

The morals are great for our students! I also loved the songs and puppets. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

Bev G. Second Grade Cherry Creek Schools

The kids were all very engaged!

Hannah L. Kindergarten Cherry Creek Schools