The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children
— Cheryl Lavender

The Idea

The idea is simple, provide parents a way to interact with their infant, toddler and preschooler, which encourages bonding and a shared closeness, while improving your child's cognitive abilities.

 NPR - 'The power of music'  to affect the brain

Starting with this CD our goal is to provide music, books and theatrical productions all from Aesop's Fables.

There are plenty of children's music and books, but rarely do they combine both storytelling and songs in a way that are entertaining to both parents and children.

Who was Aesop

Aesop was a Greek slave, in the late to mid-6th century BCE. The Fables, numbering around 700 and were originally told from person-to-person for entertainment purposes and passing on the traditions and customs of the people. These early stories are allegorical myths portraying animals or insects engaged in challenging human-like situations, always ending with a moral. The Fables represent one of the oldest art forms of humankind, Storytelling. The tales are narrated and set to contemporary songs.

This CD provides delightfully charming storytelling with beautiful acoustic music and captivating songs, based on four of the most popular and engaging stories from Aesop’s Fables.

About the Creators

When our children were young we read Aesop’s Fables to them and shared our thoughts on the stories and how the morals applied to our life. Soon we re-imagined the stories, creating songs and characters for each fable. We sang as we acted out the fables and discussed the morals.

As our children grew and moved away we saw the opportunity to share this music and stories with other families. We professionally recorded the narrative and songs, with many talented musicians and vocalists; creating a CD that will inspire all generations to share the literature, music, dance and other creative activities.

My wife Barb partnered with me in the creation of this newest CD. She is a Special Education teacher and a Parenting Consultant as well as the Concept Artist on the cover of this CD and illustrator for the upcoming companion book.

As for myself, I moved to the Denver Metro area with my family as a teenager, I was given my first guitar at sixteen and wrote my first three chord song a week later. Life couldn’t be better, I found my passion. My first professional opportunity was writing and performing a segment song for the children’s TV series Caraway Street. I recorded my first original album Waves in 1981. Also, this year I met the love of my life, Barb, we married and had two children over the next few years.

I continued in music connecting with a musical group Expressions of the Soul.  Our first professional project was writing and performing the soundtrack for the movie This Place of Love.  We also wrote, arranged, and produced four full length CDs. Also, around that time, I directed the Cherub Children’s Choir at our church, which provided a great opportunity to write songs and share the gift of music with children.

It is our sincere wish that this CD and upcoming companion book will become a regular part of your family as your children and grandchildren grow.

In 2016 Aesop's Fables the musical debuted at the Eaton International School in Suzhou, China. The production was inspired by Aesop's Fables Retold in Words and Song CD. The script was written and directed by Kimberly Jones, the school’s Drama Teacher; our daughter!

Thanks - Gary & Barb


Aesop's children's fund

It is our longterm goal to share profits from sales to the Aesop's Children's Fund. Ok, it is going to be a while until we make any profits sooo... we are going to donate 10% of sales to Aesop's Children's Fund.

Right now we are donating to an orphanage in Kinshasa Dr Congo, You can donate too.

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