Fundraising for schools can be an essential means for providing addition material and services. Aesopology offers a fun and easy way to raise funds, while at the same time providing additional positive program for the students curriculum.

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What the School does

  • Provide advertising in the school building.

  • Provide advertising on the school website.

  • Provide advertising in the school newsletter.

  • Provide as much school wide excitement about the fundraising.

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What the Fabulists do

  • Perform for all classes for no additional cost to your school.

  • Provide CD’s and CD purchase forms for all classrooms.

  • Answer any question about the Fundraiser.

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What the classroom does

  • Host the Fabaulist:

  • Schedule Fabulist performances.

  • Use Aesop's Fable retold in words and song in at least one Classroom lesson.

  • Hand out CD purchase forms student to take home.

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What Aesopology Does

  • Collect CD purchase forms from teachers.

  • Collect online sales.

  • Order CD's based on sales.

  • Provide each classroom with CD purchased.

  • Provide school with funds raised.



All fundraiser must be overseen by at least one designated staff/volunteer from your school.